Anti Lock Brakes – Advantages and Dis-Advantages

anti lock brakes

One of the most stunning features of modern cars is the anti lock braking system. But this braking system has some pros and cons.

Let us discuss both its advantages and disadvantages ABS Breaks to give you a clear picture of what exactly it is and how useful it has been for drivers.

It’s a fact that anti lock brakes have given full control of their vehicles where road conditions were not so good, and they had to save their vehicles from slipping while applying brakes. In old vehicles without this technology drivers always had to pump brakes to break the lock and to their car from slipping. Anti lock brake system works with a new technology that includes sensors on each brake which help them apply pressure on all the wheels evenly on the same type which keeps the vehicle controlled.

Advantages Of Anti Lock Brakes!

abs brakes

The main key advantages of an anti-lock brake system include the following features:

The Grip on Snow!

Anti-lock brakes or more commonly known as abs brakes have amazing grip on the road as mentioned earlier. Abs braking system provides full-on grip and control on the vehicle to the driver. The car having an anti-lock braking system cannot slip or skid on even snow because of the tremendously perfect and even pressure on each tire of the car. This abs brake system helps the car to stop there and then.

There are many reports of drivers saving the lives of people due to this brake locking system even in snow.

Lower Insurance Costs of Anti-Lock Brakes!

The vehicle has an anti-lock braking system is getting discounts today. This is because of the fact that anti-lock braking systems are thoroughly tested and approved by the manufacturers of the vehicle. Up till now, no abs barking system has failed to prove results. Yes, this insurance is valid to the date of which the company recommends the braking system to be changed. So if you have a abs braking system, you can easily get discounted insurance.

Higher Resale Value of Anti-Lock Brakes!

You will be amazed to know the fact the vehicles having an Abs braking system have a very good resale value. You can also install the abs system in place of the regular braking system. This will also increase the value of your old vehicle. Abs systems are very much advanced in technology and have almost turned the tables since their launch so you must get a abs braking system for your car.

Traction Control Feature!

Traction means grip on the surface more commonly as a grip on the road. Anti-lock brakes have traction control in them which help the wheels with their sensors to ensure that every wheel has equal traction on itself. This feature in the braking system helps you to control your car while driving and while braking the speed. You don’t get swings and tore ups as a result of brakes as you got in the regular braking system. The car flies very smoothly and stops in the same manner.

Now let’s not pretend that all of the stuff is very good in all departments, wait there are some disadvantages to this system too.

Disadvantages Of The Anti-Lock Braking System.

anti-lock brakes

So what are anti lock brakes disadvantages? Despite the fact that the anti-lock braking system is very useful there are some disadvantages to it too. We will list some of the top disadvantages of the anti-lock braking system.

Inconsistency in Brakes!

Some drivers have reported that their cars with automatic brakes were not stopped by their abs system on a short distance and they banged on to the other vehicle. This report has been collected by a lot of drivers using abs, so we thought of asking more people and collecting data for you, and we came to know that this complaint common in some of the Japanese models after a mere use of five years. But it is also a fact that the company had already given 5 years of ultimatum for their abs. so you cannot say that the whole brake locking system has failed rather yes some Japanese models have this issue which can be resolved by changing them.

Antilock Brakes are Expensive:

If you are a professional driver, you must know what abs mean to you and how abs work to control your car. But the thing is that the anti-lock braking system is very expensive to install and to repair if your abs break mainly because abs sensor cost is high. You will be shocked to know that an abs system of car costs around 1000 US dollars. So you see how much expensive it is. Moreover, repairing abs brakes can cost up to 200 to 600 US dollars without a doubt. It’s repairing is time taking along with the mountainous expense. So a middle-class driver cannot actually afford a car abs braking system. This is a huge drawback of abs brakes.


Abs braking system has been coming in vehicles since 1993 in German and some Japanese models, but today they are present in almost every vehicle. We have gathered some data and have concluded by many reports by drivers that the abs system is very much delicate and sensitive. Irregular pumping and rash braking for no reason can cause the system to break. If an abs system is damaged, you can easily find out as you will hear weird and loud noises from your brakes and you will sense missing in the braking system. Abs car meaning is that it should be perfect in brakes!

So it is recommended that you use the abs system very carefully so that you don’t find any issues regarding repairing.

So the advantages and disadvantages of our anti-lock braking system can significantly go either way. We can conclude that the abs brakes system is a huge facility for car drivers. A car with automatic brakes is the new technology, However, it’s up to them now to make sure they take care of it and use it wisely and maintain it accordingly. We hope you will provide us with feedback and share your experience with the car braking system with us and we hope that now you know what is anti-lock brakes and anti-lock braking system!

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