Car Temperature Gauge And Its Purpose!

car temperature gauge

As the name suggests, car temperature gauge, it’s something about the temperature measurement in the car, now let’s see what exactly it is? Actually, the car temperature gauge in your dashboard is the engine temperature gauge. It shows you the temperature of your car engine whether it is cool or hot. This temperature gauge car invention is very old and was also present in the early models in the 50’s and 60’s. but today the cars and the automobile fraternity is pretty smart. They have evolved the overall system of the gauge. Some temperature sensor car in the dashboards some give digital lights. All of them are equipped with sensors which help alert their owners about the maintenance needs of your car engine. One of the most important sensor locations in the car dashboard is the engine coolant temperature sensor location. It is also known as the CTS. But you must be thinking how does this work and why does car engine temperature gauge matters a lot. The simplest phrase to describe it is that it shows automotive outside temp gauge.

How Do The Temperature Sensors Work?

engine temperature gauge

It is actually a very simple phenomenon the car temperature sensor detects whether your engine is overheating or is it cooled. Even if the temperature is rising for some reason, it will alert you. This alert helps the driver to take quick action; he can easily open the hood and figure out whether what the problem is and treat it before the engine collapses.

The car temperature gauge or the temperature sensor is the very component which the mechanics call as thermistor of the engine. So what does it mean? It means that it works on the very principle of potential difference in temperature and its measurement.

If the temperature of the engine changes the potential difference output capacity of the CTS will also change and will be measured by the car temp gauge sensor or the engine control unit on the back end.

As the temperature of your engine rises and it gets hot the resistance of the vehicle’s coolant decreases. Therefore the potential difference of the car is increased, and the output is reduced. We know that you don’t understand as it may seem a more technical like theory but it is what it is. So what eventually happens is the temperature sensor which is constantly monitoring the overall fluctuations in the temperature and in the coolant’s resistance on the basis of which it alerts you with a beep or with a check light in your dashboard. This light is blood red and has a symbol of an old lamp leaking which tells you that your temperature has risen to a dangerous extent and you must stop the vehicle at once.

Where Is The Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Located?

temperature gauge car

The car temperature gauge sensor or the CTS is the only way to tell the temp of your car engine so you must be thinking how to tell if your coolant temp sensor location is on the dashboard or not. Definitely, it’s on the dashboard, but on the digital meters, it is not visible until and unless the car gets heat up or cooled to a very low temperature. In previous models, the gauge that showed the car temperature had a needle and was analog in shape like a semi-circle to which one end was the coolest temperature of the car, and the other was the hottest one. The needle showed what the temperature of the car was. But as technology evolved, it came to digital meters and sensors. The car cooler temperature gauge sensor is on your dashboard in any corner, and the CTS is near your cooling system, but it really depends on the manufacturer of your car. But the majority of the CTS is available on the thermostat of your cooling system from where it gives signals to the temperature gauge in the car!

How To Tell If Your Coolant Temp Sensor Is Bad And How To Fix A Temperature Gauge If Not Working?

Just like other parts of the car, the coolant sensor or the 
engine temperature gauge sensor is not made to last forever and can stop working after a few years. Simple wearing or tearing or even tapping can cause the gauge to go bad. So how to tell if your coolant temperature is bad and is broke?

Some of the symptoms that show that your gauge is broke include:

  • Your vehicle is using more gasoline than usual, but the sensor is not lighting up.
  • You must notice black exhaust from the exhaust pipe and white smoke from the engine.
  • You may feel problem starting your engine as the temperature really affects the car engine. Even after cooling if it doesn’t get normal that it means that your gauge is defective and is not the;telling you the right temperature.
  • Your vehicle gets heated more often, but your gauge doesn’t show.
  • You see your coolant leak after you park your car.

All of these are some of the basic signs of a bad temperature sensor car or gauge.

Automobile outer coolant temperature gauge or inner one both can be defective if any of the above symptoms occur. Also, note that in most cars check engine light also turns on if anything goes out of the normal routine and running. And so if it has turned on then go to the mechanic right away, keep in mind that if you feel that if there is something wrong with the coolant temp gauge of your car then don’t start it or drive it. Get it towed and make sure you get its work done immediately.

Along with the general repairing also get the sensor checked and replaced and so do get the gauge checked so you don’t have to find where is the te temperature light. Make sure car temperature sensor related tools are up with the best of quality.

Give us your feedback and tell us about your experience with a bad car temperature gauge high on the road. And did you find the temperature gauge in a car easily?

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