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Wheel Alignment vs Front End Alignment

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you’re driving down a road, your car seems to be out of balance? Or sometimes even if you’re driving your car on a smooth road, it still feels like a bumpy ride?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right!

It’s because of the poor tire alignment of your car which makes even the smallest routes seem like a hectic journey. When the tire alignment of your car is not right, it puts the car out of balance. Then, not only does your car consume more fuel but it also reduces the life of your car tires.

Tire Alignment

tire alignment

Tire alignment can be defined as the alteration of the car’s suspension. Tire alignment is needed to be checked before every long trip because even the slightest of imbalance can cause severe accidents. Tire alignment is not only an adjustment of the tires but it is setting the tires at an angle which don’t pressurize the suspension of the car’s body.

How to Know If Your Car Alignment Needs Adjustment?

If the tire alignment of the car is not right, your car will tend to move left or right even on a straight road due to poor car wheel alignment. Another way to figure out whether the car alignment is correct or not, is to check the steering wheel on a straight road. If your car is going straight as well as your steering wheel is straight then that simply means that your vehicle alignment is right.

On the contrary, if your car is going out of the lane, meaning that it is moving right or left even when your steering wheel is static that means your car needs fourwheel alignment.

Difference Between Wheel Alignment and Frontend Alignment

front end alignment

Now, coming to the difference between wheel alignment and frontend alignment. These two terms are often confused by most of the drivers and to lay out the truth, they are not to blame. If speaking universally, both the terms i.e. wheel alignment and front-end alignment are one and the same thing.

But if we look into more detail, wheel alignment is often referred to as the tire alignment of all the tires in a 4X4 vehicle. While the term ‘frontend alignment’ is normally used for the tire alignment of the front two tires.

In this article, we are going to discuss wheel alignment and frontend alignment in detail along with frontend alignment cost.

Wheel Alignment

car wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is done when all of the tires of the car are disoriented with respect to the car’s suspension. In car alignment, there are certain suspension angles that are to be considered. In case of wheel alignment, the rear-end wheels are aligned with the front-end wheels. Wheel alignment is not done so frequently since it highly depends upon the car’s usage.

If a car is being used roughly, meaning it goes through rough patches of the road then the car would need car alignment more often. Similarly, if a car is being used smoothly and is used very moderately in terms of distance then it won’t need much 4wheel alignment.

Front-end Alignment

front end alignment cost

Front-end is strictly associated with the car alignment of the front two tires. Contrary to wheel alignment, in frontend alignment the front two tires are aligned in such a way that the tires roll on the ground completely. Which gives the car an overall smooth ride.

Secondly, if the frontend alignment of the car is not done properly, it makes it really hard for the driver to take control of the car. The turning angle of the car is also disturbed which results in rash driving.

What happens when the wheel alignment or the frontend alignment is improper?

To answer this question, it is very important for you to understand that tires are the only thing that touch the ground (road) while a car is being driven. Now, imagine the basic component which will cause the car to go smooth or give you a bumpy ride. The tires!

If the tires of the car are healthy which can only be possible if the tire alignment is done properly then the drive of the car will be comfortable. If not, then the car no matter how expensive will not be as smooth as it should be.

Here’s what happens when the 4wheel alignment is not proper:

  • Poor handling of the vehicle
  • Bumpy ride
  • More consumption of fuel since it requires more energy for a car to move on unbalanced tires
  • Poor lifetime of tires
  • Weak suspension

So, in order to make sure that you don’t face even one of these problems or outcomes. You need a 4-wheel alignment of your car tires. A 4wheel alignment will ensure more lifetime of not only your car tires but also your car’s suspension.

After going through all the information mentioned in this article, you must have questions like ‘how long does a wheel alignment take? Or how much does a frontend alignment cost? Well, the answer to your questions is quite simple. With the technology that is used by car companies these days, it hardly takes about 5-10 minutes for a front alignment.

Talking about the 4wheel alignment cost, that totally depends upon the workshop you opt for. If you choose to go to your local workshop, the cost is going to be less. But remember, along with the cost, the quality of the work done will not be up to the standard of your car company’s workshop.

For those of you, thinking ‘how to align a car or how to do an alignment by yourself’. Don’t! Because there are experts and professionals who are trained for the purpose of doing the front wheel alignment for your car. Besides, the frontend alignment cost is not that expensive. As much as any other part of your car needs maintenance, the four wheel alignment does too. Thus, make it your habit to get it checked bi-weekly or even monthly, no matter what the frontend alignment cost is. Because nothing is more valuable than your life.

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