How Does Automatic Transmission Works?

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Automatic car transmissions and manual car transmission car work on the same line and have the same drive experience so don’t get confused about what is automatic transmission. But the difference is that in an automatic car transmission you don’t have to worry about gear shifting and clutch pedal. You see a vehicle having automatic transmission does not have a clutch pedal, or the regular gear, the gear shifting system works on their own. So driving an automatic transmission is very much easy and comfortable in comparison with a manual one. You just have to shift the gear from parking to driving, that’s all!

How Does An Automatic Transmission Work?

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So how does a transmission works automatically? despite the fact that driving experience of both manual and automatic transmission is different in terms of ease and comfort but under the hood they all work on the same lines and the same principle. Both of the transmissions work will help your engine to operate according to different speed range. Both of them allow your engine and experience a number of speed ranges.

In both types of transmissions manual and auto transmission, gears are used as a leverage to the torque production of your engine and both of them allow the engine to keep whirring along with the current gear at a certain reasonable constant speed. The result to both of these transmissions is that the drivers can speed up or slow down their vehicles whenever they want to without the tension of breaking down the car engine.

So How Do Automatic Transmission And Manual Transmission Differ?

The main difference in manual transmission and automatic transmission is that the vehicle having manual transmission will lock and unlock the different gears from 1 to 6 to produce the ratios needed on the other hand automatic transmission produces the same gear shifting according to the engine’s need, so there’s no need of gear shifting as it was in manual system. This is how an automatic transmission works .

Key Components Of A Transmission Automatica!

You must be thinking that how automatic transmission works, so you must know that all this ease and nice experience is given by the automatic transmission works on some components. Some of these components are:

  • The planetary gear set of gear which provides the driver with both options to reverse and to drive the car.
  • The special system to support the planetary gear is the hydraulic system. This uses special transmission fluid to control the gearbox completely.
  • As automatic transmission does not have a clutch pedal just like manual transmission so for that a torque converter is available in the automatic gear system which serves its purpose as a clutch which stops the gear and shifts it even when the engine and acceleration are running.
  • They are two more sensors which are responsible for providing signals for gear shifts and determine the speed and throttle of the vehicle running. These are called as governor and modulator.

How Do You Maintain Automatic Transmission Gear?

auto transmission

Since late 90’s automatic vehicle is being developed surplus. So what happened? Why people shifted towards automatic vehicles even though hey knew that it was a very new technology and there were no mechanics or workshops to deal with this transmission when it was launched. The biggest answer to this thought is ease.

We as human beings always find a solution to a problem. Even if we don’t have a problem, we make sure that we make ease for our lives so that we have to do minimum work. Not only in automobile fraternity but overall the world in all departments, we as human beings find ease in our work and daily chores.

Automatic transmissions were also an invention to serve the ease of mankind. So initially when they were launched, they did not gain much fame as people were afraid that how they will maintain their vehicles without mechanics and workshops who could serve the purpose of maintaining automatic transmission. So what happened car manufacturers started giving out maintenance books and notes along with the cars which have easy maintenance tips for the car owner. And you will be surprised to know that still today automatic vehicles are issued along with their catalogue and maintenance guide despite the fact that today mechanics for automatic cars are more in number then manual ones so one must not find any problem in repairing or maintaining their automatic car.

As you know that driving an automatic car is a lot simpler, many drivers and beginners prefer to use automatic cars, but they need to know some basic repairing hacks.

  • You must always be careful and notice any leaks underneath your vehicle especially if you see any red oil. This could definitely be s[piled fluid and if that’s the case you have to immediately get your car checked as auto transmissions only work on the basis of fluid.
  • If you hear any unusual noises or vibrations in your vehicle when you are driving, and between gear shifts, you must get the engine checked for any stress or sudden breaks.
  • You must change the transmission fluid on a regular basis. The instruction that has come with your car will tell you about the time of changing the fluid. It would be either given in months or in miles. It is likely to change the oil or fluid every 25k miles as mentioned in the majority of vehicles. If you do not know how to change the oil yourself you can simply buy it and go to a workshop they will help you with it.

In the very end, we will like to say that automatic cars were introduced in the market for your ease and they have been serving you now for decades. So if they have made your life easy, you must try and maintain them and do everything for them to make sure they take care of you in all times and in all trips. We hope that now you know how a transmission works!

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