How to Change a Car Battery

car battery replacement

Car batteries have a life after which it needs replacement. It does not matter how much you take care the battery dies after a few years. For car battery replacement it is necessary that you must first check if your battery really in need of car battery replacement or not. For knowing when to replace a car battery, there are usually some things to be considered before moving on to car battery replacement. If nothing from these tips work then, you must go for auto battery replacement.

Check if there is buildup of any residues around the battery terminals that might interfere with the battery working. These residues are usually sulfate residues buildup with time due to leakage of battery lead. Removing these residues with baking soda and water solution sometimes bring the life to the battery and your car can start up. If your battery terminals are too old and are badly corroded, then there is a need for battery terminal replacement. If you are sure about your battery health, then battery terminal replacement can do a miracle job. To do this, you must first go through how to change battery terminals. The other thing to do is to give a recharging cycle to your car battery if it is dead it may have the possibility of giving you some more months without having car battery replacement.

Tools Needed to Change Car Battery

how to change a car battery

You may think about how to change a car battery. Car battery replacement at home is not a big deal if you have the right tools and take care of some precautionary measures. You must have the following tools to change car battery:

  • Adjustable wrench for loosening nuts and bolts.
  • Adjustable pliers.
  • A pair of insulated gloves and safety glasses.
  • A baking soda and water mixture along with a brush to clean battery terminals.

How to Replace a Car Battery

how to replace a car battery

Once confirmed that battery terminal replacement wouldn’t work and you need car battery replacement then go and buy the battery according to the specifications, size, and capacity of an already fitted battery. For how to change battery keep on reading as we are going to tell you the simple and quick way of car battery replacement at home.

  • After buying the battery keep it aside. Now the first thing in how to change a car battery is taking all the precautionary measures before starting the job. Put on the gloves, safety glasses and open the hood for locating the battery. After locating the battery look at the terminals and identify positive and negative battery terminals. The negative terminal is black with a minus or negative sign, and positive terminal is red with a positive or plus sign.
  • Always keep in mind during car battery replacement to disconnect the negative terminal first to avoid short-circuiting. With the help of wrench and pliers loosen and disconnect the negative terminal first and positive terminal afterward.
  • If the battery is secured by any plates, remove the screws and pull off the plates. Now the battery is disconnected fully to be removed from the car. Carefully pull out the battery and keep it aside.
  • Cleaning any rust or deposit on the battery tray or terminals is also the part of how to replace a car battery. Clean with water and baking soda mixture and move on the next step after it dries. At this time look for the terminals if they are not cleaned even after cleaning, then you can think of battery terminal replacement.
  • Next in how to change a car battery comes placing in the new battery which you bought. Hold it and place it in the place in the same way as the old one was placed. Check if it is placed securely in the place and replace the plates and terminals.
  • Take care to connect the positive terminal first and then negative terminal. This is to avoid short-circuiting. Put on the nuts and bolts and tighten them carefully with the wrench. It is recommended to get an anti-corrosion grease and apply it on the terminals to avoid corrosion. If you forget to get the one you can apply Vaseline, it’ll also protect the terminals from corrosion.

You are all done with car battery replacement. It is the whole safe and simple procedure of how to change car battery. You can take the old battery at the shop and get some money refunded by disposing the old battery at the proper place. The shops where you go for getting a new battery also adjust the price of old battery if you take the old battery along with you for replacing it with the new one.

After doing all the steps of how to replace a car battery close the hood and start your engine. It’ll start, and you are happy in doing car battery replacement yourself. The process is not much time taking. If you think that how long does it take to change a car battery? It is a job of maximum half an hour if you have all the tools and a new battery in hand. However, if you got stuck on the road suddenly because of the dead battery, then it might take more hours depending on your location. The total time depends on finding transport and getting to the shop to get a new battery. You’ll also have to park your car on the side of the road before going to buy a new car battery.

Always check your battery health and terminals before going on a long trip to stay safe from accidental battery dying issue. If you see any corrosion or residues around the battery clean them timely to prevent the terminals from getting badly corroded by deposition of such residues. You can prolong your car battery life by giving it, but every battery comes with a fixed life after which you have to go for car battery replacement. For this, you must follow our how to replace a car battery guide which will help you to do the job step by step in an easy way.

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