How to Check Vehicle History For Free

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Buying a used car can save a lot of money but doing it carelessly can sometimes give you a big loss. There are some things by which you can get the right car even if it is used. If you know the car history, it’ll help in giving you an idea of cars performance and authenticity. It is recommended that you must look for the car history report before deciding to buy any used car.

There are various ways and methods by which you can check free car history report. The two options are to check free car report one is to ask the dealer if you are buying a car from the dealer and the other way is to check the car history report online by yourself. Many available sites offer to check free car history report by VIN (vehicle identification number) which is the easiest way to get a free car report.

What Free Car Report Tells?

free car history report

You might wonder which things you can check about a particular car before buying and what is told by absolutely free car history report. In short, you can get to know everything that is important to know about the used car. You can get information in a free car report obtained from various sites about:

  • Free car reports tell about the car manufacturer and manufacturing details like about car model, engine and chassis.
  • Car history report can also tell about insurance details including accidents, claims, and theft.
  • Free car report tells about car ownership and maintenance records.

Ways to Get a Free Car History Report

The most widely used portal for getting a car history report is CarFax which tells most of the things about a specific car. Free carfax report is generated by providing the VIN. You need to have VIN of a car for which you want to get a free carfax report. You can find the VIN which is vehicle identification number on the papers of the car. It is also printed or pasted on different areas of the car. Look for car VIN on the engine, drivers door jamb, or under the spare tire.

What is VIN?

free car report by vin

VIN is a unique number for every car which is a series of 11 or 17 characters. People usually don’t know the meaning of the characters, but every character tells something about the car. The first character tells the area of origin, second and third tells about the manufacturer, fourth to eighth tell vehicle description about the engine, ninth is some security code, the tenth is the make year, the eleventh is an assembly plant, and remaining are the vehicle numbers.

Free Car Reports

The free car fax report is usually generated by the dealers because they have access to get the full and detailed report. If you opt to do it in your own you have to pay some fee to get success to the full report you can use other portals like National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB),, Autocheck, and All these offers to look up car by VIN and gives you absolutely free car history report. After having cars VIN follow these steps to get a free car history:

  • After selecting the portal go for car history by VIN option.
  • Enter the required details which include VIN and some other car details.
  • After inputting all the required information click to report. And you’ll see your free car report which gives information about car ownership and service history.

If you want to check the reliability of the car that it is not stolen, you can check it on the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Go for the theft and fraud awareness option and look up car by VIN. It’ll tell you if the specific vehicle is lost or stolen or if it is declared as a total loss after an accident by the insurers. It is also an important free check to perform before buying any used car. NICB keeps the record of the previous five years for any specific car. You can get a free car report by VIN on NICB for up to five different cars.

Another portal to get a free car report is vehicle history which also gives important information about the car. It tells you the ownership details, mileage information, selling the history and many other things that must be known in advance of buying a used car. This site also gives absolutely free car history report by putting in only the VIN.

If you are confused about the cars price, then iSeeCars is the place you must hit on. It will give price analysis for the car of a particular model and year of manufacture, the details of price depreciation. Apart from this, it’ll also tell you the best time to buy the car of a particular model. A good thing about iSeeCars is that it is also free to access.

If after going through the free car report generated by the above-mentioned sites you intend to buy a car then it is advisable to ask the dealer to run a full vehicle history report by CarFax as the dealers have access to get the full report. It is essential that dealers themselves give you such report, but if they don’t, you must ask. If on asking they are not giving you a full report then there might be a problem due to which they don’t want you to get the full car history report. If you encounter such type of situation, then delay or cancel the decision of buying such a car for which you don’t get a full history report.

It is also advisable to go through the free carfax report and reports from other mentioned portals even if the dealer has given you the full report. It might happen that something important is missing from the free car fax generated from CarFax which you find on NICB or vehicle history. So a little research and investing time can save you from long term problem and regret if you investigate the things timely.

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