How to Clean Car Engine with Simple 5 Steps

how to clean a car engine

Auto cleaning is as important as auto repairing is. Hence, it is necessary to keep on cleaning your worthy car on a periodic basis. Else, the efficiency of your car would be decreased. Besides the cleaning of the interior and exterior of your car, you need to take the car engine cleaning into serious account.

A car engine is the main part of the car that is responsible for moving the car. A functional car engine lets you enjoy the safe drive and would help you to reach your destination smoothly. Let us have an in-depth look at how to clean a car engine, how to clean engine bay, the best way to clean the engine way and how to wash car engine without water.

Steps for How to Clean a Car Engine:

engine degreaser

How to clean a car engine is not rocket science at all. People often hesitate from engine cleaning. It is because they believe that they won’t do it right. According to them, the improper engine cleaning would harm the engine or may make it non-functional. Hence, they get afraid. But, believe me, it’s fabulously easy that you can do it easily at home. Follow the steps correctly and get a few elbow greases and that’s all about engine cleaning.

How to clean engine bay demands only 5 steps. Follow these step by step and ensure to gather all the required ingredients before commencing engine cleaning. Rather than looking for the engine cleaning service, it is better and quite economical to do it at home. You would master it soon and surely would save much of your precious money as well.

Prepare Car Engine For Cleaning:

The first and foremost step of how to clean a car engine is to enable the engine for cleaning. All you need to do is to use the compressed air for rapid cleaning of dirt and debris. If you do not have any access to compressed air then no worries at all. Use the brush for removing the trapped debris from the vent openings and hood of the car engine.

Now it is the time to wet the engine but wait! Before wetting the engine, take some necessary precautions. You need to use the plastic bag for covering the spark plug openings, and sensors. In addition to this, ensure to use the plastic baggies on the distributor and exposed wiring. After covering such mentioned parts, you must tape the plastic baggies or may even use rubber for wrapping around it. It would make the engine waterproof for cleaning.

Get Rid of Accumulated Grease:

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Next step of how to clean a car engine is quite simple. This effortless step demands the running of a car engine for a few minutes. The car engine would automatically get warm and the accumulated grease and other sticky stuff would start loosening from the car engine. Not merely this, but this step would aid to deal with the engine degreaser products in a quite effective manner.

Use of Engine Degreaser:

Here come the most important and crucial steps of how to clean engine bay. After running the car engine for a few minutes, you need to apply the engine degreaser on the car engine. This engine degreaser should be applied to the car engine from the bottom to the top. This tip would prevent the dripping down of degreaser. Engine degreaser should be applied in the required quantity. Exceeding the quantity won’t lead to extraordinary outcomes but would make the fender’s wax free.

Use degreaser for approximately 3 minutes when your engine is clean. While, leave it for 5 minutes, if the engine is massively dirty. There is no need for hand brushing if the dirt is mild. However, the excessive deposits enforce you to use car wash solution while using part’s brush.

Washing Of Car Engine

how to clean engine bay

Next step of how to clean a car engine include the washing of car engine. It is a relatively easy step but surely requires your sagaciousness. You need to wash the degreaser from the car engine after the time is up. How to do so? That’s quite simple. Hose it off!

An important regarding engine cleaner is that never to use the high-pressure nozzle. It leads to drastic outcomes such as the electrical connections may get damaged due to this high pressure. However, for best engine cleaner, it is recommended to use the garden hose. It usually contains the adjustable nozzle. For the best working, ensure that the nozzle is set at “Stream”

Dry the Car Engine:

The last step of how to clean a car engine is the drying of the car engine. Drying step of how to clean car engine sounds to be tough and time-consuming one! But, in actual, it is not! Just like the other steps of how to clean car engine, it is also a simple one. The warmth of the car engine is ample to clean the engine. Allow the engine for few minutes and it would automatically get dried.

Running car engine is the best car cleaner. It is worthy to mention over here that does not expose the car engine to get air dried. It would leave spots on the car engine. Take the clean microfiber cloth or towel for the wiping purpose. Your car engine is ready to rock now!

Tips on How to Clean a Car Engine:

If you are thinking to sale your adorable car then you must consider some preparations in advance. One of such preparations is the car engine cleaning. A presentable car would let you generate more revenue from your sale than a dirty one.

By following extremely simple steps of how to clean engine bay, you would relish the clean engine. Purchase good quality and branded engine cleaner for your car. After following the last step of engine cleaning, spray this engine cleaner on the engine. In order to get the showroom like glow and shine, you must wipe any buff or excessive protectant form the engine.

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