How To Clean Your Car Seats?

how to clean car seats

Car seats can get easily dirty due to many reasons. And the reason behind all these reasons is you yourself and your family and friends who use the car. Car seats are made up of different materials.

Some have cloth on them, some have leather, some have magazines, and some have a canvas on them. All of them can get dirty over time.

Car seats being dirty can give a very dirty look to your overall interior, so it’s best to keep your car
seats clean to make sure you present a clean interior.

Why Do Car Seats Get Dirty?

leather car seat repair

Car seats can get the dirty due to the following reasons:

  • Dirty hands on seats.
  • Eating food on seats.
  • Drinking on seats and spilling.
  • Sitting with wet and dirty clothes.
  • Foreign particles.
  • Dust and dirt on your body.

All of these are one reason or the other to get your seats dirty and awful. Now you don’t have to worry we completely understand that you don’t like dirty seats so do we. So let’s get started with cleaning car seats. How to clean your car seats will not be unanswered after you read below.

How to Clean Car Seats At Home?

how to clean leather car seats

You can easily clean your car seats at home. But there a few steps that you have to follow for different types of car seats.

How to Clean Leather Car Seats?

Leather car seats are the new trend in the automobile world. Today maximum of the car is being launched with leather seats as it gives a very dashing and new look. So if you have a new model of a car, you must be having leather seats with you. Leather seats can get stained and dirty if they are of any color other than black. But you don’t have to worry you can easily get them cleaned with our help.

You don’t need to buy any best car leather cleaner for you we will give you home remedies to clean your car seats of leather.

How To Clean Car Seats With The Use Of Toothpaste?

Yes, toothpaste is one of those household products that can be used as a cleaning hack in any area. Now listen, get a white toothpaste and a brush and run towards your leather seats. Now get some water in a cup and dip your toothbrush in it. Now take a cloth and dip it in the water too. After it’s soaked with water rub it on the seats completely, so they get a bit moist. Now apply toothpaste and start rubbing like a pro. You will see that all the stains will start to wear off. Soon after you have completed rubbing and cleaning again dip the cloth and clean all the foamy mess from the seats. Now take a dry cloth and get started with drying your new clean car seats.

Leather car seats can also wear as leather is a bit sensitive material if not used with care. So leather car seat repair is also easy if you’ve got any problem like that you can easily remove the leather skin from the seat and give it to a mender. He will get it right, and you can easily place it back on your seat. So you see we did it all without any car leather cleaner or any brandy stuff.

How to Clean Cloth Car Seats?

how to clean cloth car seats

If you are thinking of how to get stains out of the car seat of cloth, then don’t worry we have the best hacks for you. Cloth car seats can easily get dirty; they tend to get dirty more than any other car seat material. Cloth seats still do come in some cars, but they are a bit old-fashioned. So if you have cloth car seats, then it is likely that you have an old model and most probably your seats are very dirty. But don’t you worry we will make them shiny and brand new.

You must know that you can easily remove your seats by yourself from your car. It’s not a big deal you just have to lose some locks and pull out the seat carefully. We didn’t tell you this in the case of leather seats as leather seats can easily be cleaned while they are on.

So after you have removed these seats start cleaning them with water at first. When they are all wet now let’s get some household products handy. We need a bowl with water in it, vinegar, baking soda, and salt with a big brush. Now add a ½ cup of vinegar in the bowl of water and add 4 teaspoons of salt in it. Mix them thoroughly. Now add baking soda in the mixture to make a cloudy mixture.

Apply this mixture on the brush and rub it all over your seats. Soon all the dirt and stains will go away, and you can clean your seats afterward with warm water. If you have white cloth seats, then you can also bleach them, but the above-mentioned procedure is more reliable and applicable. Also one of the most common practice today of cleaning car seats is washing them with shampoo.

How to Shampoo Car Seats? The Best Way to Clean Car Seats!

cleaning car seats

Shampoo car seats is the most easy way to clean car seats as you don’t need any household stuff or any other tool to clean it you just have to apply shampoo to your seat as you do to your hair and rub it with a brush afterward you can simply wash it with warm water and let it dry for a day. Car seat cleaning is made very easy with all these remedies.

If you think that how to clean fabric car seats then don’t worry you can use the same shampoo remedy with these seats too.

We have given the best tricks for our readers here, and we are sure that you will learn how to clean car seats in the right way without wasting your time and money.

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