A Beginner’s Guide to Car Detailing

interior car detailing

What is car detailing? Many people think it to be a simple regular car washing, but no it’s not. Detailing a car involves special tools and cleaning products which thoroughly cleans the car and make it look like a new one. So at the end of car detailing you’ll get a spotless, clean and shiny car which looks like a newly purchased car. If you are still confused about what is car detailing than just keep in mind, it is reconditioning and cleaning a car to eliminate any scratches or dirt to get impacted.

Detailing a Car

car interior detailing

Detailing a car involves two components divided into exterior car detailing and interior car detailing. Both components are essential, but in this article, we will tell you everything you must know about how to detail a car. Cleaning interior of the car is important because one has to sit and drive the car and if it is not clean, it’ll end up in a bad odor in addition to operational complications. Going through our article, you can easily and efficiently do at home car detailing without calling or going for professional car detailer.

Car interior detailing requires more effort and time in comparison to exterior car detailing because there are different parts requiring different types of tools and products. Interior can be of fabric or leather along with plastic part and glass windows. So you must first know about your car interior before looking for how to detail a car. According to your car interior, you must gather things like car detailer vacuum and car detailing brushes to get the job done.

Things Needed for Interior Car Detailing

In this guide about how to detail a car, the important thing is to know all the required equipment to do the job. You must have all the things needed for detailing a car present at the spot. These things include:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning products: you must have chemical cleansers according to your car interior for plastic, fabric, leather, and carpet.
  • Polishing and wiping material: to complete interior car detailing polishing is an essential component. So you must have good polish according to your car interior. For wiping microfiber clothes are best; however, you can choose any soft, absorbent cloth.
  • Brushes: car detailing brushes are also important to remove dirt from air vents and hard to reach areas.

Steps of Car Interior Detailing

detailing a car

Following are the steps you can follow for interior car detailing:

Vacuum: the first step in detailing car interior is vacuuming the whole of the interior, every place including the corners. Thoroughly vacuum the mats, carpet, seats, rear cargo area, and shelf. Take out the foot mats, wash them with a good detergent and keep aside for drying. Steam cleaning is also an option to clean the carpet, fabric or mats. You can use a car detailer brush to brush the dirt away from difficult to reach areas and then again use a vacuum.

Cleaning with the sponge or damp cloth: now take the interior cleaner for further detailing a car. Read the instructions to use on the cleaner you chose, apply and wipe it accordingly. This step removes all the dirt and spots from the surfaces so one must use a good cleaning agent. The leather material is the hardest to clean and maintain, but you’ll find good leather cleaners in the market. If you have fabric covered seats just take care not to let them get too much damp or wet; otherwise it’ll take a long time to get dry.

Mirrors and Windows: after cleaning the carpet, mats, and seats next component in how to detail a car comes windows and mirrors. Glass cleaner does this job perfectly, you can use it with a microfiber cloth. Take great care if you have tinted windows because the cleaner can damage it rather than go for the glass cleaner which can also work on tinted windows.

Cleaning the Front Panel: next thing to be discussed in how to detail a car interior is the front panel, which is the part most seen while driving. There are many parts in the front panel including air vents, dashboard, and console which must be cleaned thoroughly while detailing a car — starting with the dashboard which is difficult to clean because of angulations in some cars. Try using car detailer brush to dust the dirt and then the vacuum can be used. After removing dirt an interior car cleaner or polish must be applied according to the material. The same procedure of car interior detailing goes for console and air vents.

Door panels: the last thing to discuss in how to detail a car is the detailing of door panels. There are a variety of door panels made up of only a single type of material or with the combination of materials. You must use the cleaning products according to the material. Some doors have cup holders and compartments which need a little more effort to clean thoroughly. You can use a car detailer vacuum for cleaning the compartments.

Deodorizer: the last thing to do in how to detail a car is to remove or to neutralize any odour. It is better to hang a deodorizer in your car, so any bad odour can immediately be neutralized. These all steps about car interior detailing will give you know how of what is car detailing and how to detail a car. By following this guide, you can do interior car detailing like a pro. It is recommended that one must do DIY car detailing at least once in six months to keep a car in good condition. If you think that how long does it take to detail a car than it merely depends on the car condition. If you are detailing a car for the first time, it might take longer than if you do it regularly. Car detailing also increase the resale value of the car if you do it regularly. You’ll also have an amazing drive every time if you have a clean car inside out.

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