How to Disconnect a Car Battery

how to disconnect a car battery

There are many times at which one needs to disconnect car battery for safety reasons and also while replacing the battery. It is important to know the proper procedure of how to disconnect a car battery to avoid any risk of short-circuiting. One must have all the tools in hand for disconnecting car battery and removing car battery before starting to disconnect car battery. Precautionary measures are important to be taken to avoid any accidental happening. As everyone knows that car batteries are dangerous to handle if not handled carefully and properly. So, one must know the proper and safe way of how to disconnect a car battery and if needed how to remove a car battery.

Before going into the detail of how to disconnect a car battery, you must have some information about car batteries. The car batteries are lead-acid batteries with sulphuric acid and water mixture. There are now many available types of car batteries which mainly differ in their life expectancy and maintenance. You must know which battery is installed in your car before removing a car battery.

Tools Required to Disconnect Car Battery

disconnect car battery

For the procedure of how to disconnect a car battery and how to remove a car battery, there are some tools required for doing these jobs safely.

  • Adjustable wrenches or pliers to loosen and remove the bolt heads from the battery.
  • Insulated gloves to protect yourself from electric shock. The battery stores enough electric current so great care must be taken while taking out a car battery.
  • Zip ties to keep the wires of the battery from accidentally getting in contact with each other, which otherwise can spark dangerously.
  • Safety glasses are not an essential thing in people view but wearing these will keep you at the high end of safety because the acid in the battery might run into your eyes accidentally.
  • You must also keep aside soap and baking soda mixture with the brush to clean the battery terminals.

How to Disconnect Car Battery

how to remove a car battery

For how to disconnect a bar battery and how to remove a car battery the first thing is to locate your car battery. In some cars, it is openly visible just after opening the hood while in others it might be hidden under a plastic plate. While in some car the battery is located in the trunk.

Steps for Disconnecting Car Battery

Now we are going to explain how to disconnect a car battery. As already mentioned that cat battery is equipped with an electric charge all the time so it must be disconnected according to the steps mentioned below.

  • The first step in how to disconnect a car battery is to switch off the engine and let the car to cool down if it is hot or you have parked the car just now.
  • Put on your insulated gloves and safety glasses before starting the process of how to disconnect a battery.
  • After the car gets cooled down open the hood and locates the negative terminal of the battery, the negative terminal is usually black and also has a minus or negative sign anywhere around. It is essential that you must disconnect the negative terminal to avoid short-circuiting. Take the adjustable wrench and unscrew the bolts and disconnect the terminal using the pliers. After this disconnect the positive terminal in the same way. The positive terminal is red coloured and has a positive or plus sign around.
  • After disconnecting both terminals uses zip ties to secure the wires so they cannot come in contact with each other.
  • After disconnecting the next thing is how to remove a car battery. The battery is most cars is usually held in place by means of a bracket. Locate the screws of the bracket and loosen them. After removing the screws, you can hold the battery pull it out and remove it. A car battery can weigh up to 40 lbs so if you cannot hold it and remove it all alone then you can take help of another person. It is advisable that the person who comes for help also wear insulated gloves and safety glasses.
  • After removing a car battery look for any rusty areas around the terminals, if present clean it with the baking powder with the help of brush before connecting a car battery back in place. You can also use petroleum jelly after cleaning with baking soda mixture to prevent further corrosion in the future.
  • After doing the job, connecting the battery follows the reversal of the above procedure. The only thing is that while connecting the battery back positive terminal is first to be connected. After connecting both the terminal back tighten the screws and bolts of the bracket and the terminals.

So this is the whole safe procedure of how to disconnect a car battery and how to remove a car battery. It is not a tough job; only the precautionary measures are important to be taken. Just keep in mind to always disconnect the negative terminal first if you want to work or do some repair than it is not necessary to remove a car battery and you can skip the part of how to remove car battery and only go through how to disconnect car battery. While if you have to replace the battery, then you must carefully go through every step of how to remove car battery after disconnecting its terminals.

It is advisable that if you intend to do any repair or replacement even inside the car which involves the work with wires like repairing stereo or replacing it, you must disconnect at least the negative terminal of the battery. Because if you do not disconnect the negative terminal, then there are higher chances of short-circuiting while working with the wires anywhere in the car. Once you are done with your repair connect the negative terminal of battery again.

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