How to Drive Manual Transmission Car

manual transmission

Driving car is fun! Turning on the car and driving smoothly in order to reach the destination is just marvellous. Nowadays, it takes about 6% of the new car that is designed to have the manual transmission. While the rest of the cars do not have this. The reason behind is that many of the people avoid driving a manual transmission. They find it quite risky and difficult to drive a manual transmission. For them, dealing the three pedals rightly with the two feet is quite terrifying.

But, in actual, it is not. You can drive a car with the stick with extreme ease when you do a little practice on it. Let’s just jump the most common queries of how to drive manual transmission, how to drive a stick shift, how to drive a manual car for beginners, and where can I go to learn to drive a manual transmission. Driving a manual car is easy. So, you do not need to bother on the decision that should I buy a car with manual transmission or not.

What Is A Manual Transmission?

A car with manual transmission is the one where the driver is responsible for driving the car with the use of a clutch. He has to do it right in order to keep the car running properly. This third pedal plays a massive role while driving the car. You have to use the car gears manually as per your need in a manual transmission.

Learn How To Drive A Manual Transmission:

how to drive manual

Want to learn to drive manual transmission? Yes? Then you need to get the driving lessons of manual transmission which is merely a few days. Running the car with the stick is fabulous as it plays a key role in fuel economy. When your car battery becomes dead then you can move your car only if it contains a stick. Similarly, nowadays, many of the new and marvellous sports cars are designed to have the stick in it. You get better control over your car when you consider the manual transmission.

How To Drive A Stick Shift

how to drive a stick shift

You can easily learn how to drive a stick shift because this game is all about getting control over motions. Keep on practising hard and hard on the series of motion so that you would master it soon. Just similar to the bike riding, driving the stick shift is easy which you won’t forget once learnt.

Driving an automatic car keeps you away from the tensions of the stick. While dealing with the manual transmission would indulge you with the confusion of gears in the beginning. Let’s make it easy for you. Your car stick is comprised of about 4 to 5 gears. These can be categorized as the reverse and forward gears.

First Gear:

How to drive manual transmission includes different gears. In order to put your car in gear 1, you need to completely press the clutch of your car and then move the stick of your car into the direction of first gear. For this, your foot should be on the clutch only. Avoid pressing any other pedal such as brake pedal and an acceleration pedal.

Second Gear:

For starting the car, you need to use the first gear. However, for running the car on the road, you need to take the aid of the second gear. Even, the majority of the drivers use this gear of manual transmission for driving a car on the road. The second gear works marvellously especially when you are descending or climbing hills. It also aids in driving the car in the rushy and congested city traffic.

Fourth And Fifth Gear

The 4 and 5 gear usage just seems like overdrive in an automatic car. These gears prove you suit your budget especially when it is on gas. In such scenarios these are economical. You would probably hear about the neutral gear. Let me clear it to you that neutral in actual is not a gear.

It just means that your car is not entirely gear free at that moment. It would not be wrong to say that this is particularly the absence of all the gears of the stick.

Reverse Gear:

How to drive manual transmission includes the proper comprehension of all gears. For learning how to drive manual transmission, it is necessary to know the reverse gear as well. It let you take the car in reverse and is often for short distances. It also aids in securing the manual safe from all sorts of harms.

Right Time To Use Stick:

How to drive a stick shift include the use of stick by following steps. Let us jump to these steps of how to drive manual transmission.

  • Start by pressing the clutch to the optimum.
  • After pressing it, not turn on the key. This step of how to drive manual transmission would start the car.
  • Now, it is the time to the off parking brake.
  • Keep on pressing the clutch and then shift your gear form the stick form the neutral gear to the first gear.
  • Nest step of how to drive manual transmission is that you gradually let your foot up form the clutch and press the accelerator pedal a little. This is the most crucial step of how to drive manual transmission. Do practice on it again and again in order to learn this most beneficial step of how to drive manual transmission. If you foot up the clutch rapidly then you would fail to master this step of how to drive manual transmission.
  • Taking your foot a little bit on the clutch would let you hear a sound. It would be the engaging sound of the running engine and the car would start moving in the forward direction as the car is in first gear.
  • Now, it is the time to enhance the speed which you can do so by putting pressure on the accelerator pedal with your right foot.
  • The car would be in running position. Now, you can move to higher gears by using the rule of 3. You may even use the rule of 15 for doing so.
  • In order to stop the car, you need to reduce the car speed and then press the clutch and apply the brake. Push the hand brake upward. Make the gear neutral and then turn off the car.

This is all about how to drive a manual transmission. Practice it!

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