How to Hotwire a Car?

hotwire car

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you lost your keys and now you can’t get the car started? I’m sure many of us can relate to this. While one solution to this problem is to call for an extra key but there’s an alternative solution which is hotwire car.

Hotwiring a car means bypassing your car’s ignition and starting the engine of your car. It is a method that is used in emergency situations when the person is trying to start car without keys. There are certain occasions when you are in legitimate need to hotwire car but it is better to use it as a last resort and that is starting the car without a key.

How to turn on a car without keys- Hotwire Technique

how to hotwire a car

The hotwire car technique is mostly used by the thieves who try to steal with this method. You must have come across several movie scenes in which this technique is used by a character where he starts the car by connecting two wires. Yes, he just hotwires car.

Remember, you should not try to hotwire a car that you do not own because it is illegal and can cause you to go to jail.

To explain how hotwiring a car works, you need to first understand what happens when you put key into ignition.

When you insert the key and turn on the ignition, an electrical circuit from the battery starts generating power which moves directly from the battery to the ignition. As soon the ignition receives that pulse of energy, the starter motor is activated. Now, that the starter motor has power, it automatically pushes the engine to start.

Since, you’re familiar how the car is started with keys. Let’s move on to the process that takes place when you hotwire car.

What Happens When You Hotwire Car?

When you try to hotwire car, you simply pull all the ignition wires out. The ignition wires are a collection of all interlinked wires which include;

  • Battery wire
  • Starter motor wire
  • Ignition system

After exposing the internal wire of ignition system and battery wire, you connect them which acts the same way as if you inserted the key for ignition and the power was generated which went straight from the battery to the starter motor. Simply by connecting the starter motor to the interlinked wires, you will have turned on the engine.

To explain how to hot wire a car in a nutshell, you simply connect ignition, starter motor and battery wire with proper precaution in order to generate power. Once, you have done all the steps correctly, your car will start as if you started it with a key. This is how to bypass ignition switch to start car without key.

How to Hot Wire a Car?

how to hot wire a car

Don’t worry,

If you lose the key and come back to see that you’re left with no other option. Because after going through this article you’ll be able to help yourself. We are going to teach you ‘how to hotwire a car’ when there is no other option left for you.

Now, the above-mentioned process was just one answer to ‘how to hot wire a car’. There are several other ways to hotwire car. We’ll try to keep it as simple as possible:

  • Old School method

The old school method to start the car is probably the most-used and familiar way of hotwiring a car.

If you are a beginner and want to hotwire car of your own while wondering, ‘how to hotwire a car for beginner’. Here’s your answer.

Since it doesn’t require much tools, we are going to start with it.

Here’s how to hotwire a car this way:

  • Remove the plastic column behind the steering wheel (for some cars you can use screw driver and for some you can simply pull it off)
  • After removing the plastic covering, pull out the electrical wires
  • The electrical wires will have wires of three kinds i.e. battery wiring, state motor wiring and ignition wiring
  • The color of these wires can be different for different cars (to make sure that you confuse up the colors make sure you read your car’s manual)
  • Once you have distinguished between the wires, cut out the insulation of the wires so that electricity can flow through them
  • Connect the battery wires and starter motor wires to make sure that electric current charge the starter motor
  • Finally, connect the interconnected battery-starter motor wire with ignition system to start the engine

Although this process is simple and can be pulled off by anyone, still you need to be extra careful while using this method to hotwire car.

  • How to hotwire a car with a screwdriver

In this method to hotwire car, all you need is a drill machine and precision.

Follow these steps if you want to know how to hot wire a car using screwdriver:

  • Drill the keylock a few centimeters upward
  • Your objective is to break the pins in the keylock so that you can insert the screwdriver
  • After you’ve successfully broken the keylock pins you can insert the screwdriver
  • Just a little part of screwdriver inside the keylock will work the same way as your key
  • Simply turn the screwdriver to start the car

Note: This method to hot wire a car will destroy your key lock pins, meaning that anyone who has a screwdriver, can help in starting car without key.

  • How to hotwire a car with a chip key

A chip key is an extra security measure that is taken by the car owners to protect their cars from being stolen. On one side this chip key can make your car more secure and on the other side it can put your car at risk.

With the emerging technology, now programmers can start your car even without having access to it with the help of chip key.

To conclude, it is permissible to say that hotwiring a car is a handy technique that can save you money on several occasions. But always remember, you can’t hotwire a car which is not yours because it is illegal.

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