How to Paint a Car

how to paint a car

Painting a car at home is the cheapest way to paint a car, but there are tons of things to consider if you want to opt for painting a car at home. We are going to tell you everything you must know about how to paint a car. It is not an easy job to repaint car at home because you have to take care of the environmental condition and you have to invest a lot of your time for this job. But for the person who is fond of doing such things DIY car paint is s fun activity for them.

How to repaint a car? There are few steps which must be kept in mind to paint your car. The foremost thing is to gather all the things needed for painting a car at home. If any one thing is missing the paint job will not be completed. So you must make a list of all the things before going to the market for buying. Follow our step by step guide for how to paint a car.

Things Needed for DIY Car Paint

You must buy all the things and equipment needed for painting a car before you start to repaint the car. The things that must be in hand include gloves, glasses, face mask, sandpaper, sanding machine, masking tape, paint and paint thinners. The quantity of paint is assessed by knowing how much to paint a car. If you are just retouching or painting only some areas, then less paint is needed than if you are painting the whole body of the car.

How to Paint a Car Step by Step

If you have made up your mind for repaint car at home, then it is not merely just spraying car paint, and the job is done. It is much more than this, the main thing for getting good results is to prepare the car to paint properly and assessing how much to repaint a car. It involves the following steps.

how much to paint a car

Sanding: it is the first and most important step for preparing the car to repaint. First assess how much to paint a car, like if you want to repaint car fully or only some parts. After evaluating how much to paint a car apply masking tape on the areas which you don’t want to paint. Then progress for sanding either with hand using sandpaper or by using electric sander machine on the areas to be painted. This step removes the top layer of your car paint and exposes the surface to get new paint. You have to invest some hours in sanding because to give fresh paint you must do it to remove the old paint till the end and exposing the metal of the car body. If you are retouching the paint then sanding is done only to smooth the surface and not till exposing the metal.

repaint car

Priming: as you have already decided how much to paint a car then after sanding such areas next in how to paint a car is priming. Before going into the detail of how to paint a car we are going to tell you about priming. The primer acts as the protective barrier and the binding surface for the paint. It is essential to apply two or three coat of primer before applying paint to cover the metal layer and for good adherence of paint to the car body.

Apply one coat of the primer on the area which needs to be painted and let it dry. After drying if you see any imperfections again go for sanding and then apply primer again. In this way apply two to three coats till you get a smooth surface for painting. It is advisable to use the high-quality automotive primer which is made to use on metal surfaces as it also acts as an anti-corrosive agent.

diy car paint

Painting: how to paint a car? It’ll be done in the same way you have applied primer on the areas you have decided during assessing how much to repaint a car. After the last coat of primer dried, you are ready to apply the paint. Always choose good paint brand and read instructions about the preparing, application and drying times for a particular brand you chose. Mix the paint with the thinners as per ratios instructed. Then apply the first coat of paint. Let it dry fully before applying the second coat. You can apply two to four coats of paint. Remember to look around the paint applied once it dries to see any regions of imperfections. If these are present, then you must sand the area again and apply paint coat again till it smoothens and balances with the rest of the car.

After applying the last coat, you can put off the masking tape you have applied at the start. Let the paint to dry out completely before assessing your paint job. The drying times are different for different types of paints and different brands. It can take 24 hours to 7 days for the paint to dry completely. During this time it is recommended to keep the car in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. After this, you can apply polish or buff the car to bring out extra shine form the newly applied paint.

The whole procedure of how to repaint a car is explained briefly. After going through our guide about how to paint a car you can paint your car anytime you want. It is just a matter of having all the things needed on time. But keep in mind the whole method of how to repaint a car is a time taking thing. You cannot do it in a hurry or skipping any step. Not following the proper steps of how to paint a car can damage your car paint badly and you’ll get an uneven and badly done paint at the end.

So before starting to paint read the full article about how to repaint a car and then keeping in mind all the steps of how to paint a car start your task and finish it properly. You’ll have a great looking car at the end of your hard work of DIY car paint.

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