How to Save Money on Gas – Very Simple Ways

premium gas

You must be thinking that how to save money on gas pump?. You must have seen more than one type of filling booths on the gas pump for filling. Now the basic two types of booths in a gas station are of petrol and diesel as we all know. But you must have noticed some booths having high octane or premium gas written on them. If yes, you must have also noticed that this premium gas is actually a little expensive than the regular octane one. So ever tried to figure out what’s going on with this octane confusion and premium tags? No? Don’t worry we will guide you completely about all of this. Keep reading to know about how to save money on gas.

So What Is Premium Gas Octane and Regular Gas Octane?

Octane is actually said as the amount of energy required to ignite an engine of a car. Now higher the octane number will be the more the fuel will have energy and the more the car engine will perform. It is a simple theory. Now fuel commonly is available in gas stations in three numbers, 87, 89 and 91. 91 is said to be high or premium octane. Now you must be wondering that premium gas vs. regular gas what is best for your engine in terms of economy and efficiency. Now as mentioned earlier premium fuel is a bit expensive, so you must be thinking that how is it economical for you. Don’t worry we will guide you completely about the efficiency and economy of both regular gas octane and highest octane fuel.

Premium Fuel

premium fuel

Premium fuel is also known as a premium gas octane in some places but that’s not the case, we are here to discuss its efficiency and how it is economical for you and your car. In monetary terms, it sure looks expensive but when you keep reading this article you will get to know that premium gas despite the fact it is expensive is more economical than the regular one. Now how is that?

You see gasoline octane matters a lot in your car. From ignition to running everything depends on fuel. So even if you are not a chemical or fuel expert, you must know that the higher the quality of fuel will be efficient would the engine be. Right?

Let’s take examples of cars to understand the basic concept. If we have a 660cc engine car then with regular fuel it will give you around 15 to 20 km of travelling per one liter. Moreover, this fuel will be less efficient in running too. On the other hand octane levels in a premium, gas make sure that they provide over 25 km of mileage per litre along with good speed and efficient running.

Is Premium Gas The Best Gas For Your Car?

You see the high octane definition in terms of gas tells us that the premium gas is the best gas for our cars big or small. Now despite the fact, your car deserves the best premium gas quality, there are some cars that only work on premium gas and regular gas can damage their engines completely. The cars that require premium gas are BMW, Audi, Merc-Benz, Mustang, and Rolce Royce. These cars are designed in a way that their engines only require the best premium fuels available. Regular fuel does not support the power they deliver. So premium gasoline is very important for these cars. Some of the facts should be clear to you why the above-mentioned companies and models only give the recommendation to use high octane gas. The reason is that all of the above-mentioned cars have high horsepowers and engine capacities. All of them have engines over 2500cc, and that is why they need the premium quality fuel for deliverance.

Germans offer only high octane in their country as almost 90 per cent of their vehicles are the elite models of the above-mentioned companies. One of the reasons for this is that Germany is the manufacturer of all the cars mentioned above.

Is Regular Octane Gas Harmful To My Car?

premium gas vs regular

No! Not at all, regular octane gas is not harmful to your car. It’s just a car running on regular octane needs a little more maintenance. You have to change the oil after every 2500 to 3000 km just to make sure that your engine runs properly with clean oil. Whereas a car running on a high octane number can go up to 5000 km without maintenance. So you see that regular octane gas is not at all harmful to your car, but it costs you more expenses.

So What Type of Gas You Should Use?

We recommend that you use premium gas having a high octane number as premium gas gives you long-term advantages. Premium gas gives you more miles to travel per respective litres. Premium gas saves you from maintenance that you have to do while you are using regular gas. All of this doesn’t mean that the regular gas has any problems in it rather it means that high octane can save you some long-term costs which you do not see while filling up your tank.

Seeing the prices of both fuels can make you think that you must go for regular fuel as it is cheaper than the premium one but its consumption is quicker, and its efficiency is lower than the premium one.

An experienced car driver would always know the difference between a car running on regular fuel and a car running on high octane. So now it’s up to you to choose the best car fuel for you. It’s your choice that whether you want to save the cost of fuel in your tank or you want to save the long-term expenses on your car engine maintenance.

Give us feed backs after using premium fuel and make sure you share your experience with us.

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