How Often Should You Wash Your Car in Simple Ways

how often should you wash your car

Car washing is a very common practice in homes. Obviously, you have invested a lot in your ride, and you want to make it look clean always, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wash it on a daily basis and waste water on it. If your car looks neat and clean then the people must ask that how often should you wash your car?

Actually washing your car depends on the weather conditions, the area you live in and the day to day usage of your car. Obviously, if you are living in a city where it rains more often than obviously you will have to wash your car more often or not wash it at all as it’s of no use. Well, it didn’t make sense to you, right?

Where ever you live you must be thinking that how often should you wash your car to make it look neat and clean and presentable. A boy from London asked us that how often should I wash my car, I’m currently washing it on a daily basis, and I have noticed that the paint has started corrosions and so is it bad to wash your car too often?

Does Washing Car Damages The Body?

how often should i wash my car

Yes, of course, we have many cases that resulted in the damaging of the car paint and body corrosion. And by body corrosion we meant rust. After all your car is made up of steel and aluminium and so it can easily get rusty if you keep washing it on a daily basis. The boy who told us his story washed his car for about two years on a daily basis without even the need of having it cleaned. So what happened? He ended up ruining the body.

So How Often Should I Wash My Car?

You must wash your car not more than twice a week. In severe weather conditions, you can make it two to three but not four. You must keep one thing in mind that washing your car more often can make you tired, wastage of water, wastage of manpower and most of all wastage of time and household products that you are using in the cleaning process.

Don’t Worry We Will Give You The Perfect Solution!

Let’s leave the question of how often to wash a car to how to clean it actually in the perfect way. Cleaning your car in the perfect way will help you maintain it and not wash it daily.

Best Time To Wash Car!

best time to wash car

The best time to wash a car is in the morning in sunlight or daylight. The only reason and the biggest of em all is that sunlight will help you dry your car more quickly as compared to dry yourself with a cloth. So always wash your car in the daytime. So the question of how often should you wash your car is answered to some context that no matter how much time you do it, do it in the daytime.

Start With The Tires!

An interesting fact is that you don’t feel to clean your car when your tires are clean and shiny black. So we always recommend our readers to wash their tires thoroughly and dust off the car body with a cloth. This will provide you with the same clean look as daily washing will.

Apply Fewer Detergents!

Detergents are one of the causes of rust in the car body. Extensive use of detergents can make your car rusty soon. We recommend that you use basic liquid soaps that just give you a foamy solution with water.

The Use Of A Brush!

We don’t recommend that you use any kind of brush on your car body as it will give you scratches. Use simple fabric cloth with foam it will help you get rid of dirt and mud stains.

How Long Should You Keep Your Car?

A car’s life is up to 30 to 40 years and more if you have maintained it gracefully but today the technology is developing day by day, and you must try to change your car every five years or so. This will help you to maintain your car and to maintain a profit on its resale as the longer you will use a car the lower will its resale value get. So definitely you don’t want to scrap all your money. So you must change your car every five years. Car washing is also responsible for car changing along with the changing weather of today’s world. The bodies of the new cars are more sensitive than the old ones and cannot bear extreme weather condition more than a few years so its best that you keep on changing your vehicle.

Does Waxing And Detailing Help?

Sure shot! Waxing and detailing your car body helps you to give a little longer life to your car body as it protects your car as a shield. So if you have a question in mind that how to wash your car a car station then you must know that you have to get your car detailed and waxed so that you can save it from extra cleaning and daily washing.

Does Compound Polish Help In Car Cleaning?

Compound polis is used in severe and rough stains and scratches. The use of compound polish on your car’s body can kill its life by 80 percent if you use it regularly. It is recommended that you use compound polish once in six months for detail cleaning and not more than that. Repetitive use of this polish can rust out your body and months!

How often should you wash your car is a very frequently asked question, but people often don’t take the answers seriously and do not take advice despite the fact that it is for their own good? We have to give the most simple and basic tips to our readers which will help them clean their car and save them from dust and dirt.

You may give us feedback after trying this, and you can also share your experience with us and can add up to some tips for perfect car cleaning without damaging the body of your car!

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