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How to Wash a Car – Just DIY With Best Tips

Are you looking for how to wash a car at home? You are at the right place! Car washing is a very common practice among car drivers and car lovers. Surely you don’t want your car to look messy and dirty after all you have spent a lot of money on it, and you have to make sure that it looks nice and clean more than anybody else’s car. It’s a fact that a clean and tidy car also portrays a good image of yourself too, but that doesn’t mean that you keep washing your car day and night and on a daily basis as after all your car body is made up steel and aluminum so it can easily get rusty if you make daily contact with water and detergents. We know you must be thinking of many questions like can you use dish soap to wash a car? But don’t worry we will give you the proper instructions on how to wash a car completely. Car washing will be fun for you!

What Causes the Car to Get Dirty?

Well, it’s not a question that could take millions of years of research to answer, rather a common man also know these reasons. A car can only get dirty when you are using it in a rough manner, not maintaining it, getting into puddles, rain, and many more reasons but the thing is that now your car is dirty and we have to clean it before someone see’s it so lets get started with cleaning and washing your car. Don’t worry you will learn how to wash a car completely. In the end you will be well aware of how to wash your car so keep reading!

Let’s Get Started!

Washing car can be fun in the summers as you can also enjoy cool water along with your car. Now, first of all, you must know that you have to wash your car only with cold water. Never use hot water to wash your car as it can damage the body of your car. Best way to wash a car is with cold water and car wash sponge.

The beauty and the neatness of car are only when your tires are clean. So we will start with the tires.

Clean Tires!!

how to wash car

A clean car must have clean tires, and you must know that tires are the main component of a car that makes it look dirtier furthermore tires are the only component of the car which has the highest contact with the road and dirt, and hence they get dirty more than any other part of your car so cleaning them firstly is very important.

Take a pipe and attach it with the nearest water tap. Now open up the water and wash your tires properly with it. After all, the mud starts to drop off take the best car wash brush and apply a liquid detergent on it and start brushing your tires like you brush your teeth. Clean the inner parts of the alloy rims and brush your tires very thoroughly, along with the tires also brush the mudguards of the car and wash all the mud and dirt off them. washing car can be fun but don’t ignore the details while having fun.

Clean all four tires and wash them completely. Now more then half of your work is done.

Let’s Clean the Body Now!

best way to wash a car

So how to clean a car? Wash the body with cold water once you have cleaned your tires. If you are thinking of how to wash a car properly then don’t worry we will tell you the secret to wash your car the right way. Now after your car is all wet take a soft towel or fabric and dip it into the water. Now take liquid detergent or shampoo and apply a handful of drops of it on the body of your car. Now take the cloth or the towel and start rubbing your car body at the same angle. If you have started cleaning it clockwise, then keep rubbing it in the same way and if you have started it with the anticlockwise side then keep doing the same way as you don’t want to give your cars scratches. The body of your car is very sensitive and delicate so make sure you don’t apply any brush or harsh household product which would give it scratches or even wear its paint off. So you have to be very careful with the application of directions to wash a car. A home car wash can be really tough but you don’t have to worry keep on reading, and you will find a clean car after you follow us.

After you have completed applying the liquid now put water on all the body of your car so that the soap washes off completely. Give it a real quick car wash as we have to move further towards the drying. One thing should be kept in mind that hand car wash is very much important. When removing the soap from the car make sure you rub your hands on the body so that the soap washes of completely. This is the best way to wash a car completely.

Drying the Car Completely!

Now after the quick and clean car wash now comes the toughest and the hardest part. But don’t worry we will give you the best way to dry a car. After your car washes, without any delay, get some dry soft fabric clothes and start soaking the water and rubbing the cloth on the car body. This cloth must be clean and soft so that you don’t get stains again either scratches. You may need two to three clothes while drying your car or towels for that matter as they have a greater soaking capability. Whatever you take you have to be quick, and you have to rub it in the same direction, or else you will get water stains on your body. Washing car in rain can be difficult as you cant dry the body properly!

Soon you will see that all your car is dried up and ready to use again. Make sure you got the screens completely clean and dried without a scratch you can apply glint on the screens after washing your car and clean it with it so that it shines when you take your car out.

Final Touch-ups!

Now that you have learned how to wash your car completely you must give it a final touch up. After you have dried your car, you must have to apply some wax on it to give it a little dashy and shiny look. This will do the trick. We think now you know how to wash a car.

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