How to Wax Your Car – Step By Step Guide

how to wax a car

Waxing a car is a job that many people think as an extra and does not do it regularly. Such people don’t know why wax a car. Waxing a car is as important as washing or detailing a car. It protects the body of the car, its paint. The outer surface of the car is exposed to dirt, wind, water, smoke, and sunlight which can lead to fading of the paint and its wear and tear. To protect your car paint against wearing and tearing effects of environment waxing is essential.

How Often to Wax Car

An important concern in addition to how to wax a car is how often should you wax your car. It is a tricky question as it all depends on the conditions in which your car stays. But on average a car needs wax every 2 to 4 months. Now the answer to how often should you wax your car depends on environmental conditions your car is exposed whether it needs waxing every two months or four months. If you are still confused about how often to wax car, then make a routine of waxing your car whenever you are doing detailing a car or washing a car.

Types of Car Wax

best wax for car

Going in the details of how to wax a car the first thing is to get the best wax for car. There are different types of car wax available in the market. Every type has a bit different procedure to apply, but the function and effectiveness are the same. Broadly the waxes are of two types one is natural and other is synthetic. Natural waxes contain a substance known as Carnauba which is the best wax for car if it is dark coloured. However, it has a life of up to 4 months. Synthetic wax is commonly known as paint sealant which is more durable and can last for up to 12 months. It is recommended the best car wax for white cars. Both types are available in the following forms:

Paste wax: hard textured wax requiring much effort to apply.

Liquid wax: it has a smooth texture and easier to apply than paste wax.

Spray wax: it is the easier one to apply; however this wears off quickly, and you have to do the wax job again within two months.

Colored wax: it is a pigmented wax which can go with different coloured cars. It can also be used to fill in the scratches or paint defects.

Choose the best wax for car according to your car condition and your choice of putting in the effort. The best wax for car can easily be chosen keeping in mind the durability because different types of waxes have variable durability.

Steps of How to Wax a Car

how often should you wax your car

Waxing a car is not a tough job, but it is important to know how to wax a car as doing it wrong will damage your car paint. The people who are doing it the first time must think about how to wax a car. We are going to explain all the steps which will give you a whole detailed answer to how to wax your car.

Preparation: the first step of knowing how to wax a car is preparing a car for waxing to get the maximum out of a job. The best way to wax a car is to give it a full exterior wash at first. It can be done by rinsing with mild soapy water. Let the car to dry completely before moving on to the next step of how to wax a car. Take great care to keep the car away from direct sunlight as it can reduce the effectiveness of wax.

Applying Wax: now the step of applying wax comes. Wax can be applied by hand or by machine applicator. You choose the way you want to apply. Start by applying in a circular motion and along horizontal or vertical rows. Apply a thin layer on the whole surface of the car with the pad provided with the wax and let it dry. Then using a buffer start to buff the wax from the area you started to apply. Microfiber towel or cloth is the best buffer to use for giving ultimate shine after waxing.

For how to wax a car using applicator, the machine comes with a padded foam on which the wax is spread. Then by setting the speed of rotator the wax is applied on the entire car. Then for buffing, you can put the microfiber cloth on the applicator, or you can buff by hand. Any type of wax can be applied using machine applicator. Keep in mind to use circular motions because random motions can result in a streaky finish. After buffing, you’ll see the shiny surface of your car, for better results apply two coats keeping the gap between two as mentioned on the instructions. This whole brief guide will now let you understand how to wax your car.

Benefits of Waxing a Car

how often to wax car

One may think of why to wax a car if I wash my car regularly. The answer is if you want your car to look like a new one and to protect the paint waxing is important. Because the car is exposed to a variety of environmental factors which can eventually fade the paint. The car wax acts as a protective barrier between the car paint and environmental factors so it will prolong the lifetime of your car paint. Once done with the waxing, you might think about how often you should wax your car. On average the wax must be applied at least once in four months. But if your car is exposed more to sunlight or you can do it twice in four months. We hope that now you’ll have no queries regarding how to wax your car and how often to wax car. Follow the simple step as mentioned to get a classy shiny car. Waxing does not take much time so you must do it regularly just take care in choosing the type and method of waxing a car. These are the components which must be considered to get the maximum benefit.

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