How To Winterize Your Car – Simple Steps DIY

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Before knowing how to winterize your car? You ought to know what does it mean to winterize a car? Wintering your car means that you have to prepare your car for the extreme winters. You must know that normal cars running in normal conditions are very hard to work in winter conditions especially in snowfall and storms. So for your own safety, you must follow some si place steps to modify your car for winters. Keep reading the ultimate guidelines for how to winterize your car.

Immediately Install Winter Vipers!

As soon as autumn starts to fall, the first thing you must do is install your winter wipers. Winter wipers are made up of a very strong rubber that helps your car fight with snowfalls on your way. Regular wipers cannot remove snow from your windshields, and hence they can break or jam while doing the job, so it is best that you use winter wipers in extreme weather conditions. So this is the first step to winterizing your car.

Maintain The Level Of Fluid In Your Wiper Box!

winterize your car

A single snowfall or storm can finish the fluid for winter wipers. Winter wipers run along with a special fluid that helps it to clear the windscreen very easily. So you must keep this fluid in your car trunk at all times. You must make sure that the level remains to maintain so that you don’t get into trouble while driving in a snow storm.

Get Winter Tires!

A winterize car must have winter tires that are capable enough of fighting with snow. You see normal tires don’t have grips to run over snow and your car can easily slip while you are driving on snow with regular tires. So your winterize car checklist must have changed of tires on the top as this is one of the main things that will save you from slipping.

What happens is that nonwinter tires harden in snow or in extreme weather, and hence they lose grip. The winter tires which we are talking about are very much reliable in this regard, and they don’t lose grip even on snow because of the fact that they are made up of high rubber compounds which help them to maintain a high grip on the road. If you live in an area having extreme weather, then you must get your tires changed. This is the main step that will give you a winterize caring sense of running.

Maintain Tire Pressure!

Tire pressure is very much important in winters. Carelessness can easily cause accidents due to slipping. So it is recommended that winterizing car must include maintaining pressure in tires. The tire pressure recommended is 1 PSI.

Get Your Car Serviced Before Extreme Winters!

how to winterize your car

A winterize car can be prepared only if you have serviced it before the arrival of winters. Keep in mind that if you re thinking that how to winterize your car for extreme weathers then you must know that the service we are talking about is not general servicing. You must do the following things:

Change Your Batteries!

Before entering into winters, you must get your car batteries changed, and new batteries of over 600 CCA must be installed in your car for efficient performance. Low volt batteries can cause your battery to die in winters and hence you’ll not be able to start your car with a dead battery, so its best to get a newly efficient battery before winters.

Get An Antifreeze Coolant!

You must get an anti-freezing coolant for your car. What happens is that the normal coolant in your vehicle can easily freeze in winters and can easily choke your engine, so it is recommended that you use the coolants having anti-freezing properties to winterize your car for storage or for running both. You can easily get winterize oil for cars.

Brakes Check!

You must get your brakes checked before entering the winter season. You must change leather of your brakes to get a complete winterize car. This leather should help you with the high performance of your car braking system. Moreover, you must change brake oils of your car and make sure that their level is maintained easily. This is an important step in car winterization.

General Checking!

Check all the minor and major parts of the car, check for any problem in belts, shocks, and plugs as all three of them can go off easily, so it is best that you make sure that you have all of them things intact and in perfect condition.

Keep Your Fuel Tank Filled!

If you are thinking of how to winterize a car after doing all the above steps, then you must know that fuel maintenance is very important to winterize a car. You must at least fill your tank to the half in winters as it keeps you on the save side. A fuel tank surely reduces condensation so you must keep your tank more than half at all times. It is better to be safe than to get stranded in snow for no reason at all. So this also one of the most important steps of car winterization.

Keep A Winter Kit In Your Car!

You must keep a kit of the following things while winterizing your car. This kit must include:

  • Jumper cables to restart your battery if it has died.
  • Gloves to make sure you work with grip.
  • Bag of sand and a shovel that will help you to get out of the snow if you are stuck.
  • A cell phone with extra battery must always be with you.
  • Keep extra antifreeze coolant and wiper fluid.

All of these things will help you in keeping your car and most importantly safe from the extreme winters. You must keep a basic tool kit and Stepney tires with you in case of an emergency.

Winters can e really difficult for a car drive, so we recommend that you follow the above-mentioned remedies to get a winterize car. To make sure your own safety you must follow the steps we have given for you.

All the above tips will ultimately help you in how to winterize your car.

Feel free to give us your feedback and your experience on in winterizing your car.

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