What Transmission Do I Have In My Car? Know Everything

what transmission do i have

So here we are with another topic for you. You were asking plenty of questions about what transmission do I have in my car. We hope that you are still not confused between the modes of transmission that are automatic and manual as today we are not talking here about manual and automatic transmission but the further extensions of them on which type of transmission the car you are using has it. So, first of all, clear your mind with the question that what transmission do I have? Obviously, you must know that, and there is no rocket science in it you may have one of the manual or automatic.

The question is what kind of transmission do I have? Yes! There are further transmission types in automatic and manual transmission vehicles, and we are sure that you must not have thought about it in your entire driving career since you bought your car. So today we will tell you about some of the types of transmissions and their workings.

Basically just to make it simple for you to understand by different types of transmissions, we mean different gearboxes with different terrains.

Types Of Transmissions!

  • Traditional automatic transmission.
  • Automated-manual transmission
  • Continuously variable transmission
  • Dual-clutch transmission.
  • Direct shift gearbox

You must be thinking at first that automatic gear systems are just limited to automatic gear selection, but no you were wrong as today technology has advanced so much that it has given a lot of transmissions within the automated systems. So now you must be thinking that what kind of transmission do I have. Wait! From the above-mentioned transmissions your vehicle is having one, but let’s find out the working and the difference between these systems.

Traditional Automatic Transmission

what kind of transmission do i have

This system is also known as the torque converter automatic system. This system is widely used in every automatic car. By every, we meant majority so don’t get it wrong many luxury models have the other types of transmissions. However, this type is majorly available in every auto car. This transmission system used the basic principle,e of using hydraulic fluid and a torque converter as a clutch pedal to shift gears. It has an engine control unit which provides it full control of the vehicle giving the driver a safe and smooth drive. So if you have this now you may know which transmission do I have!

Automated-Manual Transmission

The automated manual transmission is a very shy transmission. It is also known as the semi-automatic transmission, and it has many other names depending upon the origin of your vehicle. This type of automatic transmission uses a clutch system that is regularly used in manuals. Just like manual gear shifting it has the same technology, but the technology it has is a lot more advanced than simple manual cars/. This type of transmission works on different sensors, actuators, and processors to stimulate and shift the gears. These type of vehicles have a very high fuel average and a very good performance at low speeds.

Continuously Variable Transmission

how to find transmission model

This type of transmission is new technology and is widely used in hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles like Prius, aqua, axio, and merc use these transmissions for parallel driving. In this system, they use belts and pulleys instead of the old technology of steel gears. You just have seen small plastic gears in Prius in the dashboard — a continuously variable transmission allows for maximum output and a good efficiency along with continuous acceleration. Which is also very good for fuel average and as mentioned earlier this is also the reason the hybrid vehicles use this type of transmission extensively. In some models, the engine, however, can be loud, but this is not the case in hybrid vehicles.

Dual-Clutch Transmissions

This vehicle and transmission type is a combination of an automatic and manual transmission; this transmission type has no torque converter in it instead of the torque converter they use two separate shafts which both have own clutches for gear changing. One shaft is for odd numbers, and the other is for the even number of the gear. Shifting to lower gears from higher ones is very easy in this type. An interesting fact about this transmission is that this does not require any fluid or oil change. It is totally dry work, so it has minimal maintenance. So how to find transmission model having this dual clutch system? Well1 you have to look for which companies are offering it.

Direct Shift Gearbox

If you still think that what transmission do I have then check the users manual of your car, meanwhile we will tell you about the DSG system. It uses almost a similar system as a dual clutch transmission. But here it has two shafts which work alternately. This system,m offers fast shifting and a very excellent and smoother acceleration — this one of the modern gear systems that have even surpassed the fuel efficiency of manual gearboxes. Unlike the dual clutch system, it does not dry it is a wet transmission system having fluids. These fluids must be changed as per instructions on users manuals. How to find transmission model having direct shift gearbox is yet another question and for that, you have to search the web.

Tiptronic Gear Transmission

This is the most classy and the sexiest design of a gear transmission basically and originally used in sports cars. It started in Porsche in the late ’90s. it functions similar to the regular manual gear system, but it has a torque converter instead of a gear converter as it is a type of automatic transmission. It has both options for manual and automatic transmissions. This gear system has a safety feature which helps the driver to damage the gearbox and use only one type of transmission at a time. So if you have this one then don’t need to ask what transmission do I have.

So if you still think that what type of transmission do you have, you must have known till now after reading the brief description of all the transmissions that what type of transmission do you drive. Give us your feedback after reading the above article and let us know what model do you drive and what transmission do I have in it. And yes if you have been looking for the answer for does vin number tell your transmission so yes it does in some models. So check for what transmission do I have by vin number and check for the catalog for vin number for transmission type.

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